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Tuesday, November 3, 2009 @

I have been considering for quite some time.
Since I have been using blogspot and livejournal,
I really want to give wordpress a shot.
While trying to create a little excitements in my current over-mundane life,
I have decided to move:


So, I am there now.
Really sorry for the inconvenience.

Saturday, October 10, 2009 @
f***ing pissed with Macbook & its service provider. Damn incompetent sia. Nevermind the fact that they took close to 2 weeks only to change my top casing, and return to me that they couldn't diagnose any prob with my harddisk. It has been less than a month, and now my harddisk crashed! They're just making things v.troublesome, especially now I m so busy. What's more I have to go through the lousy service attitude again..

Friday, October 9, 2009 @
Finally, my hell week is over.
I felt so drained and dizzy from serious sleep deprivation.

Home doesn't feel like home recently.
My bro checked-in into Tekong.
Somehow, his absence changes the atmosphere.
Just hope that he is doing fine.
My sis allocated me the task to write him a letter of encouragement which he will get to read during his 6 days of field camp.
What should I write??

Before I move on to find some pastry recipe, here's some semi-visual updates.

I went to "F1 Rocks Singapore" Day 1 concept!
Mega thanks to Kai!

P.S: I am hooked on sodagreen!

Rainbow brought me to this yummy ramen restaurant in The Central called 玉.
I thought the food was okies. I super loveeee the perfectly cooked 3/4 egg.
I wish that they will sell it like some 小吃, which I can easily gobble up 5!

We went to some desert shop in Chinatown. Thumb-up durian ice shaving is making miss hongkong. I wana go Taiwan! SOooon please!
Anyway, congrats to Rainbow for the flying colors.
Keep it up gal!

Shuting accompanied to my all-time favourite shop, Daiso.
I wanted to get some rice vinegar for my mum.
She's hooked on making sushi these days, and finished my bottle.
Daiso used to carry it.
A bottle of rice vinegar for $2 is cheap sia.
But no stock! Just my luck..
Haha. We went on to mess around with the Halloween stuff.

P.S: I wish, I wish for a Halloween Party!

Finally, we gave the September babies a celebration.
Most importantly, the 5 of us finally sat down for a decent meal.
I realized we seldom eat together these days.
Anyways, the restaurant is Tampopo at Liang Court.
Girls and guy had ramen.
I gave it a miss because I saw a fresh huge piece of pork "swimming" in the soup.
Luckily, cos I super loved my scallop dish.
It tasted heavenly and had a generous share of scallops.

And satisfying 3/4 boiled egg!

Most importantly, we got free and fabulous deserts (cost $10+) due to some crop up.
We really had to thank S***** & A* H*** !!

Don't think we have the opportunity to go out and chill any sooner.
Crunch time is here again.

Happy Belated Birthday, gals!

*Ten, ten*
Met up with Rainbow and Vincent my dear x-colleagues!
I was my first time bringing people to Arabs Street.
Got abit lost.
However, I managed to use GPS to walk us to the destination safely.
Don't ask me how ya.
I had no idea how I manage to use the so-difficult-to-navigate GPS.
We went to Le Cafe Caire (the one I went with Jeremy).
There's veggietarian food so Vin could dine there.

I tried the grilled quails with rice.
The quails tasted good but the portion was unfilling. However, I really love their rice which was cooked with herb and raisin.

I like the wedge too. They were soft inside with hints of herb taste.

Us and the night, where the curbside story begins...

We went to Ah Chew for dessert, and I saw San who was tau bao-ing desserts too. Haha.

Saw this interesting graffiti.
I think it is definitely relevant that the new HSS building has graffiti like this..

Darn! I realized I wear white for all the pictures! I gues time to be adventureous and try more colours.

Sunday, September 27, 2009 @
I am waiting for F1 Singapore GP to start.

I have some comments that F1 is boring. Mmmm. Sometimes, it can be boring, especially I'm watching some streaming without commendatory or commendatory in foreign language. Nonetheless. I am just hooked!

Here're my favourites:

(1) Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari

The 2007 F1 World Drivers's Champion has no chance of winning the championship this season. And, this season is a total disaster for Ferrari. I don't think Kimi will stand a chance on the podium in Singapore. He seems to have trouble performing in Singapore circuit. Personally, I am worried for Kimi's future in Ferrari, given there're many talented new blood and Ferrari's cimpetitve gene. Nonetheless, I still admire Kimi's for his calmness in handling crisis. I hope things will get better next season for Kimi!

(2) Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Racing

At 22, Vettel has a lot of potential and future in F1. Currently, he is third in the championship table. I doubt he is about to win the championship this season, but the future is definitely bright for him. I will continue rooting for him!

(3)Fernando Alonso, Renault

Despite involving in the Renault's recent race-fixing for Singapore's GP 2008, I believe the two-time World Champion still has what it takes to be champion again!

After setting my mind to go for Singapore GP next year, I am thinking through which day(s) to go and what ticket to buy. I realize I might not be able to go again next year if I am going for Work & Travel! Haissss.. Really, we just can't have everything in life.

Thursday, September 24, 2009 @

We went to Jac's birthday party last Saturday (19/09/09). It was quite a cozy party. Although we struck to our group the whole time, we had fun with the decor, food, pool, monopoly and laughing around. I especially love the monopoly card game. It is faster than the traditional monopoly game, but equally stragetical! I can't wait to get hold of a set of the card. It makes me miss Minds Cafe! Lols. Thanks to Loonsiong for introducing us the game, and Michael for boardcasting the instructions.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 @
I have spent the past week walking around in my human body but my consiciousness was captured by UFO.

1) Wednesday
I spent through the whole of my Forensic Science lecture. Yes! For the whole 3 hours, I was waking and falling back to sleep. I can't believe it! I had never slept through a whole lecture. At most, I doze off and that seldom happens these days. It was definitely an omen.

2) Thursday
My Papollio failed me. I thought after owing a pair of Papollio (akin to Birkenstock), I would never fall again. This assumption remains true until a few days ago. I lost my footing and fell in my school library, and ended up with a bad abrasion.

3) Saturday
I collected my Macbook, and met Van for Jac's birthday party. We had our lunch at one of the heartland mall at Yew Tee. And, guess what? I left my laptop in the ladies! That never happened to me before, so I freaked out. What's worst, images of my sister kept flashing into my mind. Luckily the cleaner found it and dopped it at the customer service counter. Phew.

Just as you thought that's all. I misplaced my phone during Jac's party! We were happily wiping each other out on the pool table, that I forgot to bring my phone along when we headed for our dinner. Luckily when I rushed back to the room, the phone was there.

4) Monday
Currently, I do not have an internet access at home, bcos I am removed from the security list. I am too pissed to ask anyone to add me, bcos I know I will be labelled as troublesome and stupid again. So I was waiting for Monday to meet Elena to school to view my online lectures. I remember my notes, my laptop, even my earphones. However, I forgot about my charger! So it was another unproductive day. *@#&$#

I don't know if I am unluckly or lucky, but I am really tired. I can't wait for study break!

Friday, September 18, 2009 @
Officially, it has been 13 days I struggled without my macbook. When I sent my macbook to the service centre, I thought I will be more productive without sprees, Facebook and tuduo competing for my attentions. On contrary, I have been so unproductive. Well, I am facing another kind of unproductiveness. I cannot do my assignments without internet! Arugh! Hais, life becomes difficult when we over-rely on technology.

Current term of RWM ended last Saturday. I am kinda disappointed with myself because I missed 3 sessions. And, I didn't manage to convert my mischievous kid attached and bring him to the light side. Nonetheless, I was really touched when they shook our hands to thank us. I guess, it is this little gestures that reminds me not to feel cynical and continue volunteering.

During the last session, I decided to try my fellow volunteer, C, to coach my attached kid, T. I wanted to find out if he could behave differently with a male volunteer. So, I took another kid, A. After completing our work, we went on to make a clock. I asked him if he wanted to draw on the clock face. And, he wanted to draw all the superheroes. I chuckled at his ambitiousness. Despite that, I encouraged him to continue by asking what he could start with.

He said: "I want to draw James Bond."

This time, I couldn't help but laughed out loud. I repeated after him: "James Bond? You know how to draw?" I was doubting that he could do it. I was baffled when I saw what he drew. Look at the picture below, can you guess which is the James Bond he drew?

It is the stickman with a gun. When he told me about drawing James Bond, I was imagining how he could draw a portrait drawing. I didn't expect things to be so simple. I guess, adults always make things complex. Something can be simple, but we choose to use so much of our senses, reasons and desires to look at it.

However, we are living in a complex society. If we fail to analyze things complexly, we will lose out. I guess, a balance mentality is the best. Use our adult mentality to look at things. If all things fail, use our kid mentality to forget about things.

Thanks to A for reminding me not to lose my childish innocence.

P.S: I adore the Spiderman !!

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